Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony is the latest development stage of the overall class of ecological urban area in the heart of Hanoi – Vinhomes Riverside. Inheriting the values ​​of life derived from the vast ecological environment, high-quality utilities and services and the lifestyle of the upper-class community, Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony is developed to become a New level of life with diverse architectural styles and rich utilities. Vinhomes riverside – the Harmony is the passion to create “a separate living standard” in which people are privileged to fully enjoy the value of life in harmony and absolute balance between man and nature.

• The only eco-urban area in Hanoi’s heart, only 9 minutes from the center of Hoan Kiem Lake, 30 minutes from Noi Bai airport

• Construction density is only 21% with the construction land area of ​​about 20 ha out of the total planned land area of ​​nearly 100 ha

• Large ecological space with 12.4ha central lake surface, 10.5ha green parks and nearly 6km of airconditioning canals. Inheriting fresh air from 60ha of green space and 12.8km of canals of Vinhomes Riverside phase 1

• Including 4 sub-areas with more than 1,000 villas located in nearly 200 landscapes and utilities for residents.

class Vinhomes riverside the harmony

Vinhomes Riverside – THE HARMONY

is the inheritance and promotion of the elite living values ​​of the overall Vinhomes Riverside ecological urban area

Vinhomes Riverside – THE HARMONY
is the absolute harmony of man and nature so that happiness can be uplifted

At Vinhomes Riverside, we have successfully created a worthy place to live for a high-class community. We are proud to have built and maintained a vast green environment spread throughout the luxurious villa sub-areas and contribute to bringing a unique lifestyle to residents.

Vinhomes Riverside phase 2 – The Harmony is the next step of the journey to create “Own a living standard” as a gift dedicated to the worthy community!

Bringing in the neoclassical architectural style which is a mixture of Western and Eastern architecture, Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony villas complex possesses 04 classic architectural styles imprinted with world culture such as Greece, Indochina, France and Italy

Total planned land area: 975,560 m²

Construction land area: 201,424m²

Construction density: 21%

Scale: including 4 sub-zones corresponding to 4 different architectural styles

Nguyet Que sub-area – Greek architectural style
Tulip Subdivision – Italian architectural style
Phong Lan Sub-Area – French architectural style
Sunflower Sub-Area – Indochina architectural style