Although Hai Phong has a lot of potential for economic, tourism and industrial development, until recently, the real estate market of the new port city has shown really interesting signs, attracting attention. of investors across the country.

Projects connecting Hai Phong trade with other provinces in the country and the world such as Cat Bi airport, Tan Vu – Lach Huyen highway, Lach Huyen international port, Tay Vu Islet, Hai Phong highway – Quang Ninh … has contributed to opening up the overall economic development of Hai Phong and directly affects the real estate market.

Large corporations continue to pour capital and create a strong movement for the real estate market in Hai Phong, such as: Vingroup Group invests in Vinh Tri Imperia urban area, entertainment area, eco-island Vu Yen and many other investors …

The market is heating up, setting new prices

With the development of infrastructure, social facilities and especially the formation of many large projects, the market around these areas has returned hot. Especially, the most interesting are the coastal areas of inner city such as Le Chan, Hong Bang district or Thuy Nguyen district.

Nearly a year ago, the bridge to Vietnam with about 100 m was opened at the intersection of Le Hong Phong – Nguyen Binh Khiem, Hai Phong.

Survey shows that, after each major project launched, the market receives a new wave, setting new prices. For example, in the first phase of the Anh Dung 5 Phase 1 Urban Project, it was opened at VND 5.5 million / m2. After two months, the price on the secondary market increased to 5.8 million dong / m2. The project area of ​​Quang Minh urban area in Thuy Nguyen has an average price of 11 million VND / m2, or around the Le Hong Phong resettlement area (Hai An district) said a part of the land here is within One year, increasing from half from VND 20 million / m2 to over VND 30 million / m2 with few sellers.

Especially, in Hong Bang district, the appearance of Vinhomes Imperia Hai Phong urban area, land prices also increased sharply. According to some famous real estate brokers in Hai Phong, in the Hong Bang area, Vinhomes Imperia, with a wide range of housing products and land plots, is the project of the craze in the real estate market. in 2016-2017. This project creates a strong attraction for investors, especially those who prefer relatively high value transactions such as super investment into product lines of villas and duplex villas.

Mr. Huynh Khoi N., a real estate agent in Hanoi, said: “At the moment in recent years, investors have invested mainly in projects in Hanoi, but in This year, money poured into Hai Phong, especially overseas Vietnamese investors with good financial ability, especially like villas and houses in Vinhomes Imperia Hai Phong At the end of this year, almost every day of the week I have a group of Viet Kieu guests or their relatives come down to find out and make an investment decision.

Amount from “first 5 star city”

Vinhomes Imperia Hai Phong is one of the rare projects owning a private home line in The Monaco subdivision. Photo illustration.

According to real estate investors, at Vinhomes Imperia Hai Phong, Vingroup’s investors did not forget to invest huge capital in this project and also created a solid trust in customers. The first 5-star city in Hai Phong is considered a symbol of luxurious and luxurious life when designed with green landscape and perfect utility system.

For investment purposes, Vinhomy Imperia’s villas are designed with many villas and land villas, offering customers a wide range of options to suit individual housing needs as well as financial conditions. In addition, good sales policy is one of the points that makes this project attractive.

Currently, when selling villas and villas in the Monaco subdivision, the investor introduced the sales policy in January 2018 with many incentives for customers. Specifically, customers can borrow 65% of the villa value, 0% interest rate subsidy, 18-month grace period and early repayment. In addition, when buying a second apartment, customers and relatives are discounted 1% for villa prices.

Monaco is the most luxurious resort of the entire five-star urban area as it has outstanding advantages in location, products, utilities and private marina. . Not only that, in the quiet, isolated environment of The Monaco Vinhomes Imperia is also fully and uniquely integrated with a series of perfect utilities with 45-storey tower, Vincom commercial center, bright, complex sports, club, …

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